New Holland T6 160

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About mod:
- Metalic Blue
- No Fenders
- Rear and Front Hydraulics


How to install Pure Farming mods? Choose your favorite mod and download it. Then find your Pure Farming directory (usually in Program Files) and put the mod in this folder: Pure Farming 2018/PureFarming_Data/StreamingAssets/IMPORTER/mod  After that, start your game and go to Importer / Click on + icon / Add your imported mods and Save it. How to choose a good Pure Farming mod? You can find a lot of PF mods, but sometimes mod cannot work. Before download mod always check game and mod version compatible. Carefully read a mod description, sometimes mod is the only addon for other mod, this is means, that you must download all mod parts. Offcourse you must install mods correctly.

2 thoughts on “New Holland T6 160

  • zbyszek300 says:
    2018-03-22 at 10:25 am

    Brak tekstur białe szyby jak i reszta oprócz kół.
    There are no textures of white glass and the rest except for wheels

  • zbyszek300 says:
    2018-03-23 at 7:14 am

    Epic Pryda Mods przestań robić mods, wszystkie twoje mods mają białą tekture i szyby. Albo dawaj opis do jakiej wersji Pure Farmy pozdrawiam.
    Epic Spray Mods will stop doing mods, all your mods have white texture and glazing. Or give a description of which version of Pure Farm I greet

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