What we know about Pure Farming?

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In this article we want to share some information about Pure Farming game.

What about this game?
Pure Farming will let you feel like a real farmer. You will can plant various plants, harvest, spray fertilizers, grow livestock (like pigs, cows and others) and much much more. This game concepcy looks like Farming Simulator series games. Pure Farming is very ambitious project, bringing a deep level of simulation across four diverse locations, a diverse stable of state-of-the-art, licenced machinery, unique activities for each region and much more.

When will it be released?
Creators planning to release in early of 2018.

What are the creators?
Pure Farming developer is Ice Flame company, publisher Techland, which is based in Poland. This project is first of Techland simulator game.

In this video you can see Pure Farming 2018 video trailer:

How to install Pure Farming mods? Choose your favorite mod and download it. Then find your Pure Farming directory (usually in Program Files) and put the mod in this folder: Pure Farming 2018/PureFarming_Data/StreamingAssets/IMPORTER/mod  After that, start your game and go to Importer / Click on + icon / Add your imported mods and Save it. How to choose a good Pure Farming mod? You can find a lot of PF mods, but sometimes mod cannot work. Before download mod always check game and mod version compatible. Carefully read a mod description, sometimes mod is the only addon for other mod, this is means, that you must download all mod parts. Offcourse you must install mods correctly.

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